Monday, November 11, 2013

VBC Racing WildFire D06 Building Blog Step 7-9

Step 7 Steering System Assembly

Let's head to Steering System build.
Let's tear it apart!

You will find out that Front Belt is in the bag as well. leave it alone for now, Let's build the steering arms first.

You may also need some 3mm shims as well, pick them up from the box. you will get 3 bags of them with different thickness. I recommend use 0.3mm ones.

Attach one piece of shim on screw.

This is Steering Assembly Travel Plate. It is very nice to see VBC has done all bearing setup jobs for you in advance. You merely don't need to worry about the messy stuff.
What you have to be careful about is: Do not lost those Steering Cone Washers.
Tips: Place a big towel or RC setting work mat on your table. If any tiny bits and pieces dropped, they won't bounce to no-where so-that you can still get them back easily.

Setting up the Ball Connectors (7.5mm Lenght). After insert 2mm+1mm spacer, you have to apply a bit Thread-lock on it as shown above.

Step8 Steering System Assembly 2

Now, let's do Turnbuckles. For the two long ones, the connector cups edge to edge shall be 28.30mm.
Please use a caliper to measure the exact measurement. With this length, you can get a 1 degree front tow-out.

4.5mm for the shot Turnbuckle.

Step 9 Steering System Assembly 3

Alright, done. Please note, just a little bit of slop in between Steering Travel Arm and Set Screws is forgiven.
Wow, Almost forget, you have to place the Front Belt in the middle of Steering System before fully assembled.

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