Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VBC Racing WildFire D06 Building Blog Step 21-24

Step 21 Front Suspension Assembly

Front Suspension Assembly Part 1
Justify the direction of Arms as above.

Installation of Anti-Roll bar Turnbuckle.

Insert Suspension Arm Pin with Shim Spacers. plug the Anti-Roll bar Turnbuckles into the inside plastic ball-end as above.

Step 21 Front Suspension Assembly 2

And then, install Front F00 Suspension Mount with Shim. Follow the instruction, do it the same way as Rear Suspension Mount assembly. You will need pre-lubrication and fin-shim as well.

Step 23 Front Suspension Assembly 3

VBC has built up the Two-Piece Joint Drive Axle for us already. Sweet! You have to lubricate them before assembly. Apply the Grease on both sides. Then follow instruction to assemble Front Steering Blocks and C-Hubs. Most of processes are pretty similar to Rear Suspension Assembly that I don't want to repeat again here.
Pretty Straight forward but just one thing you need to double-check: Make sure you install the C-Hubs in correct L and R place.

Step 24 Front Suspension Assembly 4

Measure the length of Upper Turnbuckles with Caliper. Again, be caution about the size of Turnbuckle Cups, thinner one to outside and Thicker one to inside.

 Now, the whole kit is nearly accomplished. Well done!