Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VBC Racing WildFire D06 Building Blog Step 33-The End

Step 33 Electrical Components 

Due to the location of motor mount has been re-designed and moved forward a bit compare to old version, Space for ESC and Receiver is limited. You may have to spend a bit more time to work out the perfect location plan. You may have to do some cable shorten and re-route jobs as well.
Build a clean and neat car kit is always a challenging mission. LOL.

After install the front bumper and rear body post. Don't forget to setup those battery stoppers. You can also adjust the battery placement a little outward by adding shims to achieve perfect weight balance left and right.

The End

You can also buy the optional part: Motor Fan Mount (D-05-VBC-0069) with 30mm motor fan for better motor cooling.

All done for now. Just put your favorite car body on and go racing!
Thanks For watching.

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