Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Team Trinity Kill Shot 13.5T Motor Open-Box Review and Motor Shimming Tips

Open-Box Review

Finally, I got my new Team Trinity Kill Shot RPM 13.5T Motor yesterday.
Here is the box, it has been opened by Customs for inspection before delivery. Hope they haven't take apart the motor . LOL.

Now, here we go! As always, instruction docos, user manuals......

Sensor wire is a bonus but way to long for on road car. Just keep it as spare.

Some closer looks. As we can see, the front panel has been re-designed with less holes but in more precise location. The 13.5 number has been printed on stator indicated the class.

Look at the back, I am surprised that Factory pre-set timing bell to 50~52 degree. Pretty high!

Motor Shimming Tips

Overall, The rotor spin very smoothly, but I feel that the rotor has no tiny bit slop movement, which means it has been shimmed very firmly. I have to re-shimmed it for better performance.
Now, Let's take out those long set-screws. Take out the back cover. Guess how many shims on the back-side of rotor?

Take a closer look, then...

Olympic!!! LOL!

Pull out the front panel as well. Carefully collect all shims. This is what the whole thing looks like.
Be caution with handling those shims, if you accidentally drop them on floor, they may bounce to no where that you can never get them back.

Let's start to put some shims onto the back of Rotor. I suggest put 3 thick one (0.3mm) first.

Then, cover up the back panel. Check the space between Sensor Unit and Rotor. Make it as close as possible but not touching. It is suggested to leave 0.8-1mm free room.

If things going OK then we insert the rotor back to stator, put the number of shims base on your test result, then cove-up back panel again.
Please note: motor shimming may vary because of manufacture deviation. In my case, I have put three 0.3mm and one 0.1mm shims on the back.

Insert the front shim spacer.

Cover-up the front panel then line up set screw holes. Insert set screws and tighten them up. Done!

Spin your rotor to verify if it can rotate freely. You have to pull the rotor forward and push backward to justify if there is a little slop. Leave it about 1mm of free play. If there is too much slop, you have to open motor again to add shims in front.

Why we have to do this? Because your motor can gain a little bit more torque with correct spacing between rotor and sensor unit. leave a little free play can also help motor produce less heat.

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