Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VBC Racing WildFire D06 Building Blog Step 29-32

Step 29-30  Install Front & Rear Shocks.

These processes are very straight forward, just follow the instruction manual then you should not encounter any issue at all.
Just bear in mind that in order to eliminate tweak, Shock Tower setup need to be done on flat surface with pressure on left and right edges of chassis while you tightening up screws to Upper Bulkhead.

Ahh, I am highly recommend you go buy the optional part: Motor Guard. It can help protect your motor from scratch, hit or crash. Nowadays Modern TC chassis are very narrow that you will be more than likely to get your expensive motor damaged. So, to me, this part is a must-have.

Step 31 Install Motor.

Not so much things need to be mention about but one: When you adjust the motor location, please do not set the pinion too close to the spur gear. You have to leave a small gap in between, otherwise, you may strip the plastic spur gear and burn your motor because it make the motor very difficult to spin.

Step 32 Install Steering Servo

Installation of Servo is pretty straight forward as well. You may need to replace the Direct Servo Arm with Servo Saver Arm to protect your expensive servo gear. Xray and Tamiya both make very good quality Servo Savers.

 I suggest you attach a servo tape underneath of servo before assemble.

To make the Servo Arm and Turnbuckle as in-line as possible, I suggest you pick a long Button-Heard screw with 4mm spacer to link them up.
Tips: After installation, you can try to tweak the chassis with a little pressure to justify if chassis is free for flex. Then place it on your setting board to see if it remains flat.

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