Monday, November 11, 2013

VBC Racing WildFire D06 Building Blog Step 2-3

Step 2 Rear Gear Diff Assembly

Let's build the Gear diff now. Pics up!
Apply a little bit of Silicon Diff oil on the diff out-drive hole at first.

Now, apply a bit Green Slime on the out-drive O-Ring. It can help seal the diff oil and make the O-Ring against wear and tear. Very goods stuff from Team Associated.

Push the O-Ring into the left-side diff case with Green Slime face down. After that, Re-apply it on top.

Insert the Pin and Big Diff gear.

Now, let's move to right-side diff case. do the same things on Diff out-drive and O-Ring.

Put the larger size shims on the O-Ring, then insert the pin.
Beware: There is only one way to insert the hinge pin, which is the deepest slot as shown.

Step 3 Rear Gear Diff Assembly Continue

Put the cross diff gear shaft in with 4 small diff gears and shims, apply the Diff housing sealer O-Ring around the Diff case. Now, Fill in Silicon Diff oil until it fully cover the top of diff gear shaft.
Turn the out-drive around to release air between gaps, re-fill if needed.
Please note: do not over-fill, otherwise it will spread out from diff case and will be a bit difficult to clean.

Put the Gasket on in between two diff case, beware the holes need to be matched up. Apply 4 pieces of 2.6x10mm set screws and tighten up.Spin out-drives from both side, double-check and make sure there is no leakage and gears turning smoothly.
The quality of plastic parts are so amazing, If you build up everything correctly, there will be no drama at all. Push the Out-drive Ball Bearings in then Step 2 and 3 are both done.

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