Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VBC Racing WildFire D06 Building Blog Step 27-28

Step 27 Assemble Oil Shocks

Now, Let's head to one of the most important part of our Car kit building. The SHOCKS!

As you can see, those Shock bodies have been pre-assembled, unfortunately you have to take them apart.

After you insert the Sealer O-Ring into the Shock Height Adjuster groove, I suggest you apply a little bit of Grease inside of the O-Ring.(if you still got some ^_^) Doing this to prevent stripping the O-Ring when you install the Shock Height Adjuster onto Shock body.

Now, install Shock Piston onto the Shock Shaft. the Shock Piston will be fitted with 2 tiny M2 E-Clip by using pliers.
Tips: Those E-clips are so small and very easy to get lost, you can dip a bit of shock oil on your finger to stick it up. As mention before, a big towel or mat to put on your table is highly recommended.
Good thing is: VBC have prepare 2 more extra E-Clips for you in case you lost it. Sweet!

All 4 Shock Shafts with Pistons are ready. Justify if Pistons can rotate freely but with little up and down travel.

Before put the Shaft Guide in, drop a bit diff oil from bottom.

Insert the Shaft Guide, then apply a bit Green Slime before insert the Shaft Sealer O-Ring.

Then put the Shaft Cap onto the Sealer O-Ring, tighten up Shock Bottom Cap.

Now, drop a bit diff oil inside of the Shock body for pre-lubrication and sealed.

Insert the Shock Shaft from inside of the Shock body.

Use the Shock Shaft pliers to clamp the Shock Shaft firmly. Then Screw in Shock Bottom Connector.
Tips: If you don't have Shock Shaft pliers, you can use normal pliers as well but please use tape to protect the shaft before clamp in. Be very caution, do not scratch the shaft or bent it!!!

I will use caliper to measure the length of shaft between bottom cap and edge of ball connector.
Make sure all 4 shocks got the same length. I make each of them 9.7mm long then the overall shock length should reach 59mm.

Step 28 Assemble Oil Shocks 2

Fill in shock oil up to 80%, move the shaft up and down to release air bubbles. You have to make sure there is absolutely no air in the shock body, not a tiny bit! I use Tamiya Damper Oil Air Remover to suck the bubble out.

It works like a vacuum machine that can suck the air bubble out quickly and easily. If you don't have it, never mind, just repeat the shaft moving and waiting process, if there is no more bubble coming out then job done.

Then, you have to define the rebound distance before top-up diff oil and seal the upper Oil Sealer Cap.
This setting is very personalize, normally the rebound value can be 0%, 25%, 50% and full rebound. depends on the track condition and your personal preference, you can set it to different value to make your suspension system work as dual-rate. I will not talk too much about this right here.

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