Monday, November 11, 2013

VBC Racing WildFire D06 Building Blog Step 15-17

Step 15 Front Drive Train Assembly - Spool Assembly

Front Drive Train Assembly.
Front Spool (A) and Belt Guide (B).
Please be careful about the node spot. Apply a thin layer of CA glue on (A). Then patch (B) on it.
Be very careful about the CA glue. Do not overly apply, or it will spread out into the gear and make it impossible to clean.
Press firmly to make two parts stick together parallel.

Now then, install the Spool shaft, 10x15mm Ball Bearing, Diff Holder and Spool Drive Cup.
Spin the Drive Cup to make sure there is no tweak on spool gear.

Step 16-17 Assemble Front Upper Bulkhead

Place the spool gear into the middle of front lower bulkhead, fasten the front belt. Then cover the upper bulkhead with screws.
Tips: When you installing the upper bulkhead, place the chassis on a flat hard surface. for example, a Glass board or a RC setting board. Then press down the bulkhead with a bit pressure while tighten up screws. Doing so to eliminate possible chassis tweak.

Again, Adjust the belt tension with the yellow adjuster. In my case, I make at least 2 nodes forward.
The evolutionary design of belt tension adjuster make your tension adjustment much easier. just loose the M2x10 Round-head set screws underneath then you can move the adjuster all around. No need to take the upper bulkhead out, which save us a lots of time. Sweet!

Bulkhead setup ready! Now, install the Top Graphite deck.
Again, place the chassis on an absolutely flat surface such as glass board. Apply pressure while tighten up screws.

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