Sunday, November 17, 2013

How to Shorten lead for RC Servo and Fan

Today I gotta share with you my experience of How to Shorten lead for RC Servo and Fan.


  • JR/Futaba plugs for replacement.
  • Scissors.
  • Hobby/Carve Knife.
  • Crimping Tool or Pliers.
  • Solder Station.

Now I am going to shorten the lead of my Motor Fan. I have all stuff ready. Now let's begin.

Measurement and Cutting 

Place your fan on a flat surface. Identify the correct polarity and remember.

Measure the desire length, cut it with scissors, then split it to 2 leads in Y shape. (For servo lead, you have to split it into 3). Make each of single lead 25mm long.

Use Hobby knife to slightly round-cut the rubber insulators for 10cm from the top, then tear them out.
Use your finger to twist the lead for better shape.


Now, get your Solder Station pre-heat ready to about 250 Degree C.

Use Solder Iron Tip with a bit melt solder to gild the leads. Make a thin cover around them.

Then, after cool down, you have to cut them into the same length at  around 5mm.


Now, make a plug and tips ready. For fan, you need 2 tips. For servo, you need 3.

Measure the length as above. Re-cut if needed. Be careful do not make the lead too long and place it too deep. Just make it right as above picture shown.

Use your crimping tool to squeeze the tip-tails with soldered leads. If you do not have one, you can use pliers as well but you have to squeeze around the tip-tail. Make sure they are firm and tight.
Then, heat up your solder iron again, re-gild the tips. Make them soldered together for loosen free guarantee.

Now, insert leads to the new plug. Make sure you place them with the correct polarity.
 All done. Thanks for watching!

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