Monday, November 11, 2013

VBC Racing WildFire D06 Building Blog Step 10-14

Step 10 Upper Deck Assembly

Let's build the Belt Tensioner. Put 3 shims in between Screw head and 2 ball bearings.

Setup done, quite easy.

Step 11 Center Pulley Assembly

Center Pulley. I have replaced the factory Spur Gear with a small size one due to I will run it in Stock class. The Factory one is for Mod class. Follow the manual to setup Pulley drive shaft and spacer.
Apply the set screw in order to lock the hinge pin.
Tips: Unless you are going to run it on indoor Carpet, it is recommended to use 48 Pitch Spur Gear for Outdoor Asphalt Race because it is more durable.
Which brand of Spur Gear with fit this car? I found out that Spur from Xray, Serpent, and Panaracer are all suitable.

Clamp in the 5mm E-Clip with Pliers to lock-up Center Pulley.

Step 12 Upper Deck Assembly 2

Before you install the Center Pulley, Please get some 5mm Shim Spacers ready. (You don't have? buy a set online or from your LHS.)
In my case, I need 2 piece of 0.1mm thickness spacers.

Place them right here. one shim on each side.

Put the two 5x8mm ball bearing into Center Pulley Bearing Holders. Place the Center Pulley in the middle with Rear Belt. Screw in to stabilize the Center Pulley.
Please note: do not over-tighten the screws on Bearing Holders. Otherwise you are taking a risky to tweak the chassis board. If you notice there are still a bit sloppy on the Pulley when it spin, insert more shims.

Step 13 Rear Upper Bulkhead Assembly

Rear Upper Bulkhead Assembly. Insert 2mm spacer in between bulkhead and ball connector.
I suggest you apply a bit of Thread-lock on Ball Connector before screw in.

Step 14 Install Rear Drive-train

Install Rear Drive-train. I suggest you loose the Belt Tension Adjuster Ring dial a bit.
Make the node point to backward for at least 2 node slots.

Place down the Diff gear with Belt Tension Adjuster. Cover up the upper Bulkheads with 4 3x8mm screws.
Rear Drive-train setup ready. Test the Belt tension with finger push.
Tips: Depends on different race class, the rule is: Make the belt tension as loose as possible but not stripping. Mod class require tighter setup on belt tension, in contrast, For Stock class, We can loose it a bit more.

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