Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VBC Racing WildFire D06 Building Blog Step 25-26

Step 25 Install Front and Rear Stabilizers

Just follow the manual to assemble Anti-Roll Bars and Rear buckles. Please note: For the Front Stabilizers, tighten the set screw with 3mm (not 4mm) from the edge of the stabilizer. Beware if you make it 4mm, the Stabilizer Turnbuckles may "kiss" your Front drive-shafts. Well, you can adjust it later anyway.

Step 26 Install Front and Rear Stabilizers

Now, After install the Stabilizer mounts, insert and adjust those set screws. Verify if the Anti-Roll Bars rotate with minimum free play.
Final Verification: Lift one of  front and rear arms, verify if the arms on another side will lift freely as well without too much delay. Normally both arms will lift up the same or nearly the same distance. If working fine then your Stabilizer System is setup ready.

BTW, I like the Front "Bug" head design! LOL

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