Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WildFire D06 VBC Dynamics Edition is on the way to SpeedyRC

We are going to have Factory generic hop up version of our Champion TC Wildfire D06: the WildFire D06 VBC Dynamics Edition.

They are on the way to OZ now.

WildFireD06 VBC Dynamics Edition 1/10 Touring Car Kit D-05-VBC-CK06

The selective VBC Dynamics performance parts include in this kit: -

B-02-VBC-3043 WildFireD06 ALU7075 Chassis (2.0mm) NEW!!!

A-01-VBC-0029 Graphite Bumper Top Plate

B-02-VBC-0096 Titanium Coated Upright Shaft

B-02-VBC-0098 Titanium Coated Suspension Arm Pin

A-03-VBC-0077 Shaft End Shoe (Self Lubricating)

B-02-VBC-3031 Titanium Coated Shock Shaft for TBB Shocks

D-05-VBC-0095 TBB Oil Sealer Cap Set

A-03-VBC-0138 TBB Shock Piston (4 holes)

B-02-VBC-0136 TBB Shock Spring (Green-Soft)

B-02-VBC-0137 TBB Shock Spring (White-Hard)

D-05-VBC-0045 WildFire Front Stabilizer Set

D-05-VBC-0046 WildFire Rear Stabilizer Set

D-05-VBC-0032 WildFire Front/Rear Suspenion Shim (0.5mm)

D-05-VBC-0033 WildFire Center Suspension Shim (0.5mm)

D-05-VBC-0066 Center Suspension Mount (X/Y-C10)

B-02-VBC-0061-20 E20 Suspension Mount

One of the eye candy stuff is: Aluminium 7075 chassis along with standard graphite one.

With 2 chassis, you can easily make your car keep up with the fastest pace in no matter what situation: Bumpy or Smooth, High Bite or Low Grip.

This is the ultimate version of VBC wildfire D06 Touring Car!

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