Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review of G-FORCE Super Sonic Brushless Motor

Review of G-FORCE Super Sonic Brushless Motor

Today I would like to do a brief review of the ever new released G-FORCE motor.
G-FORCE, is a quite fresh new Japanese brand. (
They have released a range of RC products and mainly target to UK and Japan local market.
Today I got one of their primary products: G-FORCE Super Sonic Brushless 13.5T Motor on hand.

The motor has been packed well in box. Lets open it now.
Hold it on hand, very well made motor hence give me a very good quality feel.
Even at the very first glance, I thought it was LRP X20 except for the color is much darker. :)

I like the end bell design as well. the motor offer dual sensor ports for easy installation. Sweet!

Now Then, I am impressed by the torque potential of this motor. I am saying this is because it is harder to spin the rotor then other motors in the same spec I have met. Even harder then Trinity D3.5 with HT Rotor.
I am assuming this is a motor with excellent ground to mid power but lacking of top-end speed.  I have checked the spec table, it said the 13.5T only got 2860KV... Anyway, I will figure it out later.
Now Lets weight it and compare to my other motors on hand.
168 Gram. Pretty good.
I have a Reedy Sonic 13.5T, Trinity D3.5 13.5T and Trinity Killshot RPM 13.5T. Let checked them out.
179 Gram to Ready Sonic
178 Gram to Trinity D3.5
158 Gram to Trinity Killshot
Obviously, the weight of G-FORCE motor is in the middle of them. Very good so far.
Now, Lets take it into apart.

I can instantly feel the Magnetic force of rotor while pulling it out. It is so strong.
I have to admit that the routine cleaning task of this motor will not be easy cause you cannot reach the bearings from outside like Trinity Killshot motor. You have to take it apart first.
For the back-end bearing, you have to take out the timing end bell before clean it.
So far it is still OK for me. Now, the worse part is: Put them back on!
It is the most difficult part at all. Because the Magnetic force of rotor is so strong, I have spent about 30 minutes to align the correct placement and finally put them together.... -_-!
Anyway, It finally turn back into what it is.

Running Test 

Put it on to VBC Wildfire D06, I am guessing I can gear it down pretty low from the beginning. So I give it   FDR 3.97 a try first (71*1.9/34) with default timing at 20 degree.
Just as what I am assuming, this motor got so much torque! it make the rear wheel Skidding around with initial full throttle.  
After test run for 2 minutes, I pick up the car and test the temp. it barely warm at 40 degree. Obviously It is lacking of top end speed but full of low to mid torque.
Then I make the FDR to 3.84, Start to work on timing... At the end of the day I make it at 27 degree.
Test it on Bayside track in Wynnum. I remain the FDR 3.84 and timing at 27 degree.
After 6 minutes run time, the car can easily catch up with all cars on straight no matter what motors people are running (Thunder Power, Trinity, etc.). It can still give me very juicy feel of torque. The initial acceleration and mid power are very strong.
Out of the track it is temped at around 60 degree. I feel I can even gear it down a bit. I will do more test later.
Also, I found out that the G-FORCE motor is quite timing sensitive on temperature. I will suggest keep it lower than 35 degree on motor timing. Try gear change instead.


G-FORCE Super Sonic Brushless Motor is a very strong ground to mid power motor no doubt. It can be fit on off-road buggy or truck as well due to its juicy power. For touring car, you have to gear it up like a 17.5T motor to convert power to speed. Overall very powerful motor!
G-FORCE motor is not officially available in US so it is not ROAR approved but It got BRCA approved already. For Australian racers, it is good to go because most of clubs and events follow both ROAR and BRCA rules.
BTW, My mate Clinton L had run 10.5T G-FORCE Super Sonic Brushless Motor at England Park Raceway, Brendale, who was impressed by the power of this motor as well. He worked out the FDR 4.38 with full timing for 10.5T motor.
Thanks for watching.

Update on 12th/May/2014:

After a second run last weekend, I worked out the most recent FDR and Timing for 13.5T motor: 3.74 for FDR and 31 Degree for Motor Timing! 
I know, the FDR is almost lower than most of 17.5T motors. But it just works like that. Out of track it temped 61 Degree. What an amazing motor!
Forgot to mention, I run it at night time (20C Degree) with R1 Wurks 8.4V Fan attached. But it can sure beat all other motors and still have potential to work on!

Update of motor setting: 

21.5T: 2.99 FDR with 30+ Timing. (Reference only, Setting widely depends on Air temperature)
13.5T: 3.74 FDR with 30+ Timing. (Reference only, Setting widely depends on Air temperature)
10.5T: 4.38 FDR with Full Timing. (Reference only, Setting widely depends on Air temperature)

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