Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Eliminate slop on Steering Arms for RC Touring Car VBC Wildfire D06

Eliminate slop on Steering Arms for RC Touring Car VBC Wildfire D06  

Today I am going to share my experience of how to eliminate slop on Steering Arms for VBC Wildfire D06 by proper shimming.
First of all I have to say VBC Wildfire D06 is such a premium quality touring car that you should not have to prepare a lot of shims and washers while building up. Also, I have to commit that in some minor points like center steering arms, you may have to think about shimming to eliminate minor slop to achieve top performance outcome.
It is a very common issue existing on many Touring Cars. What I have done is use 2 types of thin (0.2mm) washers the shim together.

I use one 3mm washer (3mmID, 6mmOD, 0.2mm Thickness) and one 5mm washer (5mmID, 7mmOD, 0.2mm Thickness) to shim each Steering Travel Arm.

Then Place the 5mm washer onto the bearing top.
Then put the 3mm washer on.

Install the screw, then job done!
Finish both steering arms, Then you will have very solid feel of steering system of your VBC Wildfire D06 car.
Thanks for watching.

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