Monday, March 3, 2014

Maintenance of Driving System for VBC Wildfire D06 (DCV drive shafts and Bearings Cleaning and Lubrication)

Today I would like to share the experience of Driving System Maintenance for VBC Wildfire D06 RC Touring Car.

First of all, release the screws shown on below to take your drive shafts out.

Now, you have successfully taken them out. Investigate the shaft in detailed. Verify if it is bend or damage. Normally you won’t get this thing happen unless you’d just experienced very serious accident on Racing.

Now let’s start to clean the Double Joint (DCV) drive shafts. We use some cotton sticks to wipe out dust and grease residual. Pay more attention to clean the slot of pins.

Remember we need to spin the drive shafts while we clean. Note that some points may got black color faked out, those points request to take extra care to lubricate later. Also we need to make sure there is no glitch sound when we spin.
You can spray some WD40 to make your cleaning task easier but I would not do this cause WD40 can also prevent new grease apply on the drive shaft. Well, yes, you can re-grease with air-dryer, I admit.
While in the middle of cleaning, we have to give a glimpse on front Spool Drive Cup. Investigate if it is wear out or broken. Replace them if needed.

Now we move forward, I bet you 100% need to clean the bearings. Remember, bearings are the parts that you always need to keep an eye on.
From the pictures we can see, we definitely need to take them out to clean.

Now we insert Hex driver into the gap between two bearings, then push out the outside one.
If you have this bearing tool, it can help you push out another one easily. If you don’t, a pencil can help.
Look at how dirty they are.
To clean the bearings, you can use WD40 and cleaning bottle from YR to spray and shake out dirt. Re-lubricate afterward. We won’t talk too much about it here, I may publish a new post about how to clean and re-lubricate RC car bearing in future.
 Now we have bearings clean. Put it on your bearing tool to test if it can spin freely. By the way, a pencil can do the same job.
Now we finish the cleaning jobs for front drive shafts. I know you are more than likely to clean rear drive shafts as well, don't you?
After took out the rear drive shafts. You may notice that the Shaft End Shoes are wear-out badly. We have to replace them. Unscrew the top set-screw, push out the pin then release the wear-out Shaft End Shoe. Bear in mind that you don’t have to tear it out and push a new one in with force. It will damage your plastic parts.

After carefully clean the rear drive shaft joint. We know that we have finished the whole cleaning job.

Now let’s put grease paste back on drive shafts. Use your hex drive to dip a bit of grease and apply it on the pin slot first. Ensure the slot point has fully greased, and then we apply grease on other places. 

If you have your factory grease run-out just like me. You have to go buy some. My recommendation is: you don’t have to go to your LHS to buy those expensive one just with a little amount in bottle. Go find some for your real car, which can also do a brilliant job. Something like below will be enough for your whole RC live.

Grease it, spin it to make sure all moving parts are lubricated.
Use tissue or towels to wipe out the bleeding grease, then you finish.