Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Battery placement tips for RC Touring Car

Here we introduce LiPo Stick battery placement tips for RC Touring Car

As beginners who just step into RC On-road Racing, you may find out that no matter how carefully you drive, your expensive TC chassis still got scratches on the battery placement side.
You may wonder how and why. The reason is simple: the Chassis will flex left and right when cornering. Hence it will force the battery to do movement. If the battery has been setup tight with battery tape, the friction between battery underneath surface and Chassis will become very strong. The result is obvious.
To solve this issue, there is a very efficient way: Place something in between battery and chassis to eliminate the scratches but still allow the battery to "float" on the chassis but stay tightly.
have a look at the picture, this is my solution:

I have placed 2 short single sided foam tapes and 1 long one on and stick the chassis as above.
There is free space between battery and chassis to allow chassis flex.
The single sided foam tapes are 1.5mm thick 15mm wide.
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Battery placement can effect the weight balance as well.
Have a look at below, You will find out that the Center of Gravity (CG) is not in the middle of the stick battery but somewhere further away from Battery plugs.

Hence, different placement of battery will slightly effect the CG of whole car. If you want to give the car a little bit of rear grip, use battery lay-out below:

If you want to make the car a bit more steering and loosen up the rear wheels a bit, use battery lay-out below:

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