Monday, January 6, 2014

R1 Wurks 8.4v 30mm Fan Test and Review

I just got this fan yesterday. Keep hearing good praise before, but now I would like to do a test and give it a review.
As normal, Pics up!

It is 5mm thicker than normal 30mm fan.

I picked up 2 popular 30mm fans to do a comparison test. They are 30mm fans from Yeah Racing-Tornado and Zeppin.
We place fans on top of scale with 5mm distance for the test.

First Round

Alright, Let’s begin with connecting all fans to Receiver, which will provide 4.8-6V power to the fans.

First up: Zeppin.
I have tried more than 5 times, maximum to 2 gram.

Follower: Tornado.
 it is so loud and making a lot of Vibrations. Also, it make a better result to 3 gram.

Last one: R1 Wurks.
not making any difference, it get the same result as Yeah Racing one. 3 gram.

First Round over. R1 Wurks = Tornado > Zeppin.

Second Round

Now We connect all fans to the fan port on ESC, which will provide 7.4v power to fans.
First is Zeppin.

It feels like it spin faster but...

Next to Tornado.

It also feels like it began to spin crazy as well, but no more improvement at all...

Finally, R1 Wurks.

Amazing!!! It can reach 9 gram!!! I tried more than 5 times. it can make between 7-10 gram air force.
I am quite happy with the result.

Some Thoughts,

If you only manage to connect your motor fan to receiver and gain about 4.8-6v power output to fan. Just go buy our R1 Wurks 30mm Fan 6V version. Spend $20+ for R1 Wurks is just waste your money cause it won't make any difference.
But, It you have a ESC with separate Fan mount supply 7.4v power. Or, if you would like to connect the fan straight to Lipo battery (8.4v Max). R1 Wurks is your Champion!
After keep running those fans with connection to ESC for about 3 mins, fan motor of R1 still keep cool but the others are very hot (I think they are not design to handle more than 7v power). Sweet!
Thanks for watching.   

Extra: For people from Australia, you can buy R1 Wurks fans from our local online store