Thursday, January 2, 2014

CSO 40MM Fan Mount Mod to VBC Wildfire

The Factory Fan Mount from VBC can just fit 30mm Fan.
If you want to mount a bigger one like 40mm, you have to use Motor Fan Mount to Clip on the motor can.
I really don't like those stuff cause most of the time, the slim type fan mount clip will not stay firmly and can easily move around in case of hit or crash.
I still prefer the original fan mount like.

Luckily, I found out this:

But the fan mount from CSO can not direct fit to Wildfire chassis.
So, I decide to saw the middle screw hold.

I just need the bottom one to install.

Here is the comparison:

After initial test, I realize that the CSO fan mount do not have enough spacing for the fan because the spur gear stabilizer is too thick on VBC Wildfire D06.
I have to add 2mm washer and replace the set screw with longer one.

insert set screw from inside, dont forget to apply some threadlock.

You may have to turn the motor guard around to release some space for the 40mm fan.
Alright, Done.
Where to buy the CSO fan mount? Search internet. I told you the part info already. ^_^

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